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Welcome Prosperity Website Affiliates!

 Join our affiliate program today and make commission on every referral sale you bring us. Thank you for your support in promoting my upcoming GET-YOUR-WEBSITE-DONE program. You will find all of your promotional materials and instructions here.



COMMISSION10% Pay-per-Sale for each sale you deliver ($78 for first-run beta course, and $100 for all forthcoming launches.) 

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Bring your Vision to Life for your Service Based Business
A step-by-step process that creates a done-for-you professional website in 8 weeks!

DATES TO PROMOTE:  Between now and March 1, 2019.

DATES:  The GET-YOUR-WEBSITE-DONE program will begin Monday, March 4th, 2019.  Check out the sales page for more information: and the examples below in helping your promotions. 



Social Media Posts:



Please customize these messages as appropriate to you and your business. It would be great if you could make Lucinda’s name “live” in the message if you are referring to her as the guide. If you’re Facebook friends with her, you should just be able to start retyping an “@” sign followed by (no space) her name in the correct spot in the message, and it will appear in a menu as a link to click on. It just helps other folks find her more easily! 

If you’re here to do your great work in the world, and need the fastest roadmap to make that happen with guidance to create all the content for your new website in just a few weeks…  Then join us for the next GET-YOUR-WEBSITE-DONE program. Get all the juicy details at <Aff Link>

If you’re like me, you’ve got big dreams about how you would love to help bring your unique offerings to the world for positive change. And… sometimes it feels too big to even start on the things we feel most passionately about, let alone packaging it into a website that you can actually complete and launch into the world. My colleague / mentor Lucinda Rae is hosting an amazing business program called GET-YOUR-WEBSITE-DONE. She’ll be talking about how to Bring your Vision to Life for your Service Based Business for  the lifestyle you desire *and* the online presence to help others. You in? <Aff Link>

Lucinda Rae is known as the Prosperity Branding mentor, and also a midwife of getting businesses launched into the world through new websites and beautiful visual brands. And she’s guiding up to 10 people in an intimate group starting March 4th with a step-by-step process that creates a done-for-you professional website in 8 weeks! Talk about getting it done, already! Enroll here: <Aff Link>

ARE YOU READY TO HAVE A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE FOR YOUR SERVICE-BASED BUSINESS SO YOU CAN START BOOKING NEW CLIENTS?If you’re tired of dealing with lack of clarity, not knowing what direction to take the look and feel of your site in, feeling invisible in the sea of websites online, or not even having any presence… and you’re done with not ever finishing the project and putting your website domain on your business card, I want you to know there is another way to get-your-website-done and it starts HERE. <Aff Link>



Bring your Vision to Life for your Service Based Business. <Aff Link>

GET-YOUR-WEBSITE-DONE, already… <Aff Link>

Imagine finally having that simple website done in a matter of weeks that will start booking clients in your sleep! <Aff Link>

An online course in a step-by-step process that guide you to the content, structure, visual design for your website. <Aff Link>

Wake up to your website success in just 8 weeks. <Aff Link>

Discover what makes you standout to your ideal clients so you can be done with online invisiblity. <Aff Link>

Get the confidence, come out of the “invisibility closet”, and launch that website.  <Aff Link>

Get your website done in 8 weeks and be ready to shine in your mission. <Aff Link>

Ready to stand out online and get booking those new clients in just a few weeks? <Aff Link>

Attract your ideal clients and create the lifestyle you long for!  <Aff Link>

Express, broadcast, and show up online with your service-based business – so you can make money AND do your purposeful work in the world! <Aff Link>

Dreaming big in life and business? Make those dreams reality by taking the first step of getting-your-website-done! <Aff Link>

Stop hiding and get your Prosperity Website done so you can fulfill your dreams! <Aff Link>

The world needs you. Get your website done and publish it online. This will show you how: <Aff Link>

Create your brand, message and online content, express the visual essence that is you, and get your website done. <Aff Link>

Create the freedom of the life you long to live for by getting that website looking professional with complete content, visual branding, and easy ways to receive clients. <Aff Link>


Promotional Email:

Hi <firstname>,

What if 2019 could be the year YOU finally start living your mission (instead of living to pay the bills), get that website done already so you can attract the clients you desire?

What if you could make a difference doing what makes you happy while making money?

Well, something’s happening in just a few weeks that is going to help you do just that!

My friend and colleague Lucinda Rae is all about helping entrepreneurs create the freedom of the life you long to live for by getting that website looking professional with complete content, visual branding, and easy ways to receive clients… and it starts on March 4th!


Rock Your Purpose.  Make Money.  Change the World.


Here is just a preview of what you can expect during this 8-week step-by-step program:

  • Discover branding 101 to identify and clarify your message, and ideal clients 
  • Secure that domain and get it self-hosted with all the latest of a responsive theme
  • Learn where and how your unique archetype affects your overall website and brand
  • Select a visual brand to match your goals and get the best design-bling resources
  • Get the best practices in a self-portrait mini course and put forth the essence of YOU

Here is your chance to join Lucinda while naturally attracting a devoted following of your ideal clients.

But hurry – this course has a limit on just 10 people in the course, and the program is already filling.

Go here now to grab your spot! <<AFFILIATE LINK>>

<your closing>

P.S. Not only will you create and roll out the content for a new simple but beautiful new website, you will have the support and direct guidance with Lucinda Rae in an intimate community of others doing the same. Finally, you will actually get your website done! Get ready to attract new clients and go here now to grab your spot <<AFFILIATE LINK>>


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