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Your Amazing Tagline Will Go Here

This is your Welcome Paragraph

Tell them all about the amazing things they will get when they become your client, read your book, or buy your course!

What goes in the welcome paragraph on your home page… (and why)?

Your welcome paragraph does a couple things. It shares what your website offers them and informs them of what they will discover and achieve through your website (often times your offerings). Since it’s not always totally obvious what your site is about when someone lands on it, and you can’t nail every single thing in your banner and tagline, you can offer some welcome text or message that helps make the website clearer.

If your overall site is ultra simple and clear, it may be so obvious you don’t need a welcome paragraph. Sometimes the navigation or whatever else is on the Home Page will be obvious what visitors can find. However, for visionary entrepreneurs, often times there is a little more depth to be expressed in the welcome paragraph (or video) that goes just past a gorgeous banner, concise tagline,and if you have an incentive/free gift offering. Keep it simple, short (2-3 sentences-ish) and inspiring. The key to writing a great welcome message is to make it focused around your ideal clients’ desires and needs.

Bonus points: have links (to About or Work with Me sections) within the paragraph for yet another way of navigating through the site.

(Optional welcome video can go here or above text)

“Creating my new site with Lucinda Rae from start to finish was a dream come true. I am beyond happy with our collaboration and highly recommend all of her services.

— Stephanie DawnSacred Business Coach

“Deciding to work with Lucinda was one of the best business decisions I’ve made.”

— Paula Houlihan, The Money Alchemist

“If you want your true essence to shine in the virtual world, Lucinda is your girl. You will not be disappointed.”

— KimberlyRiggins, Author & Coach

This is your bio section. The background can be a full photo with you framed on the left.  I’m leaving my text here as an example.

Hi there, I’m your guide Lucinda!  

At some point in my one-on-one branding and website boutique agency business of 15+ years, I realized I was ready to leverage my time and create more websites for more people. I found working directly with clients, one of the biggest pieces to their success was having me keep them accountable for getting their website done. Now I’m excited to change lives to help others do that in bigger ways!

My websites have helped dozens launch their brands into the world so they can start sharing the genius they are, attract their ideal clients, and create the lifestyle they long for! 

Not only do I have a passion for sharing good design practices, but more importantly the principles that allow you to move beyond perfectionism and just get it done with a professional website (a lot like this one you’re on!)that thing that doesn’t always easily happen on your own!